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Backup Outlook Emails to a Variety of Online and Offline Files

Admin ~ Published: 21-Apr-2022 ~ Backup ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: The goal of this post is to show you how to backup Outlook emails to an external hard drive as well as a cloud server for quick access. So, if you’re wondering, “Is there a way to backup all Outlook emails?” we’re happy to inform you that there is, and you can find the solution right here.

Backups of account data are required, especially if the account is desktop-based. Well, desktop-based account data is stored on a local disc, which may create a lot of problems if it fails, and backing them up can spare you from any unpredictability.

Why Should You Backup Your Outlook Messages?

  • Email backup allows you to recover emails that have been accidentally deleted. If the machine on which Outlook is installed fails, your data may be lost. However, you may still access it from another place if you’ve previously made a Outlook offline backup.
  • If you backup your Outlook emails to a cloud-based account, you will have more freedom in accessing your data since you can access it from any device using a web browser, which is not feasible with a system-based account.
  • If you save your Outlook emails to an offline portable file format, you can readily access your data even if you stop using Outlook. Offline files are quite useful for storing account emails.

So, these are some of the advantages of backing up your Outlook emails. As a result, we give you with an all-in-one and fantastic solution to make a Outlook offline backup.

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An Advantageous Way to Backup Outlook Emails

Outlook Email Extractor is the most wonderful and useful tool to backup of Outlook emails. The software provides a plethora of excellent saving choices, making it the all-in-one and greatest platform to take backup of Outlook mails. Furthermore, regardless of the platform you use to store Outlook emails, you will only need to travel through two tabs to finish your work. So, read on to find out what those tabs are and how to pick them in the step-by-step guide below.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Take Backup of Outlook Mails 2007, 2010 and Above Version

  • Download the Outlook offline backup tool on your Windows compatible device. After that, you need to install and run it to backup Outlook emails.download outlook email backup tool
  • Once the tools screen is open, click the “Open” tab on the menu bar, then select “Choose a file from a folder” from the drop-down list.select choose file from a folder option
  • Then go to the Outlook email files you want to backup and send them to the Outlook offline backup tool.browse and upload outlook files
  • After uploading all Outlook data files to the program, you can preview them if you need.preview outlook data files
  • You now have to select the storage option for your Outlook emails from the list of available options. Here we look at the IMAP option to understand the process.select storage option
  • Now you need to enter the email address and password of your IMAP compatible account followed by a Save button to backup Outlook emails.click save to backup outlook emails

Tip: If you wish to take backup of Outlook mails to some offline files, you may do so using the export tab. After that, you’ll need to go to the spot where you want to store it and then press the save button.

So, that’s how you may use our recommended Outlook email backup tool to make backup of Outlook mails. Let’s take a closer look at why this tool is ideal for you. To that end, we’d want to demonstrate some of its skills in order to demonstrate its entire potential.

Find Some Traits of the Outlook Email Backup Tool

  • The application provides you with a variety of storage options for your PST emails.
  • The tool’s UI is incredibly user-friendly, so any user may execute tasks on it with ease.
  • Backup Outlook emails in bulk and in the same procedure without errors.
  • At the same time, backup PST attachments, contacts, and other relevant properties.
  • You may also use the app to view PST files before backing them up to another platform.
  • It allows you to examine all emails connected with your PST files in Hex and Raw View.
  • By using filters, you may discover certain emails or attachments from specified addresses.
  • Before backing up your emails, you may add the email headers with Outlook email backup.


You may now effortlessly make a Outlook offline backup and store them to several platforms. We have provided you with a very useful tool for this purpose. The Outlook email backup tool is an all-in-one and simple-to-use solution that provides several benefits. It also has a demo version that you may use to familiarize yourself with it before purchasing it. Thus, if you want to backup Outlook emails fast and simply, check using the software.