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Thunderbird Email Address Extractor

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The procedure of extracting all email addresses from Thunderbird can be made simple and quick via Thunderbird email address extractor. It is available at an affordable cost with high quality features indulged in it. The solution is extremely useful for those users who don’t have much technical knowledge. It is so because this approach to extract Thunderbird email addresses is easy-to use and simple too.

  • Export email addresses from multiple Thunderbird folders at a time.
  • Preserves the username and domain part of every extracted email ids.
  • Extra feature of fetching email addresses from messages’ attachments.
  • Fields like message body, To, Subject, etc. , are scanned thoroughly.
  • Does not harm the existing content of Thunderbird mailboxes or emails.
  • Supports detached Thunderbird folder to extract all email addresses.
  • Create a text file in which all Thunderbird email addresses are saved.

Why to Choose DotStella Thunderbird Email Extractor?

The solution to extract email addresses from Thunderbird messages is programmed with high-tech algorithms. These algorithms make the software capable enough to attempt maximum operations that are needed for extraction. The method does not create any error messages or hanging scenarios.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird Email Address Extractor

Extract Email Addresses From Thunderbird Folders

Thunderbird email address exporter tool is capable of extracting all email addresses from Thunderbird. It offers several facilities to customers to attempt their task without any complications. The solution has the ability to simultaneously export email ids from several Thunderbird folders.

Installation of Mozilla Thunderbird Not Required

Thunderbird email addresses extractor is an ideal method to extract email addresses from Thunderbird messages. It is a standalone software, which does not demand Thunderbird email client’s installation on the same PC. This is beneficial for users who have orphaned Thunderbird mail folders and does not want to install email client on PC.

Fetch Email Addresses from Selective Sub-folders

When a user browses a Thunderbird folder, the tool automatically fetches and loads all the folders & sub-folders on its preview area. Now if persons want to extract all email addresses from some specific Thunderbird folders, they can use this feature. Users have to check the checkbox of only those folders from which extraction has to be done.

Dual Modes to Add Thunderbird Database Folder

Thunderbird email addresses extractor provides two options to add folders in it – ‘Open configured Thunderbird account’ and ‘Choose Folder’. If the source Thunderbird profile is available on your PC, opt for first option. Otherwise, use the second option to add orphaned folder of Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

No Limitation on Amount of Data to Be Browsed

In terms of folder size, there is no limitation on behalf of this email address extraction tool. Also, no matter how many sub-folders are present in the selected folder; users are free to add a folder having ‘n’ numbers of sub-folders in it. They don’t have to take any stress for limitation of folder numbers and size while exporting email addresses from Thunderbird.

Simple Graphical User Interface With Data Safety

Users will be able to extract Thunderbird email addresses with accuracy and perfection. The software is designed with highly intuitive interface that allows consumers to understand each and every step easily. A person can extract email addresses from Thunderbird folders without any data corruption or information loss.

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Specifications of Thunderbird Email Address Extractor Software
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System Requirements

Pentium Class or higher

Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk
100 MB of free space

Software Delivery


Intreface Available

Language Supported

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What are the steps to export email addresses from Thunderbird?

Extract all email addresses from Thunderbird in a stress-free manner by executing following steps :

  • Step 1: Download and install Thunderbird email address extractor on your PC.
  • Step 2: Click on Open and select Thunderbird Accounts from displayed menu.
  • Step 3: Use anyone of two loaded options to add source Thunderbird profile / folder.
  • Step 4: Click on drop-down icon of Extract and click on Email Addresses option
  • Step 5: Define settings as per your need and then hit on Extract >> Save

Yes, our tool can be used to extract Thunderbird email addresses on Windows 10 and all below versions.

Yes, don’t worry! You can extract email addresses from Thunderbird folders without any occurrence of malware or virus.

No, not at all. There are no chances of loss, corruption, or manipulation while using this tool to extract all email addresses from Thunderbird.