SQL Server Forensics Tool

An expert tool to perform forensics on SQL Server or files to determine whether the data has been altered or destroyed.

  • Specifically addresses the detection, preservation, and assessment of SQL database data.
  • Allows you to inspect Live SQL Server for in-depth examination in the event of fraud.
  • Examine the both online and offline SQL servers through the use of a .sql transcript file.
  • It provides MDF file recovery and forensic analysis on SQL log file transactions.

Perfect Tool to Analyze SQL Log File

The Most Effective SQL Log Transaction Analyzer Tool SQL LDF Analyzer enables you to open, read, and preview the entire log activity in a SQL Server dataset. The following information is included in the action preview: Transaction Name, Login Name, Transaction Time, Table Name, SQL Server stores all log occurrence and transaction details in the .ldf file. As a result, it is easy to evaluate it to determine the likely cause of SQL Server damage and who destroy the data from a SQL Server table.

Convert All Data from eM Client

Open, Read and Analyze SQL Transaction

Without using the MS SQL Server application, open the transaction (LDF) file and analyze every activity. All of the tables in the SQL database are scanned and loaded by the SQL Forensics Tool, which also creates a preview of every transaction recorded in an LDF file. Additionally, it offers three distinct options for you to export SQL log file queries as SQL files, including Export as a SQL Server database and SQL scripts that are compatible with SQL Server.

Excellent Features of the SQL Forensics Tool

Compatible with a Variety of SQL Server Versions

The SQL Forensics Tool is compatible with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server, new and old. SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2008 R2, 2005, and others are included.

It's More Than Just a SQL Forensics Tool

The SQL LOG Analyzer Tool is capable of transferring records through one Live SQL Server Database to another. Using this feature, the database will be transferred instantly from one SQL server to another without the need to browse to the location of the files. It will retrieve the data automatically.

Supports for SQL Server Data Recovery

This tool might attempt to expose them since poor organizational practices frequently delete evidence from the SQL Server database. Investigators frequently benefit from this SQL Forensics tool. By retrieving deleted data, the application aids the forensics investigator in gathering evidence.

SQL LDF Data Recovery in a Flash

The SQL LDF File Reader will be of tremendous assistance in avoiding a full scan of a faulty SQL Server database for recovery. You simply need to give the most recent backup of your SQL log file, along with the corresponding MDF file (Primary SQL database file). After careful analysis, the software will scan and export the entire data set into a Live SQL Server System and SQL Server compliant format in the shortest amount of time.

Assist Forensics Expert in Exporting to SQL Script

When the SQL Server is not accessible on the target host, the database can be exported as a SQL Transcript file. This operation can be executed by the SQL Server Forensics Software on both online and offline SQL Server databases.

Isolate Individual Log Transactions

SQL Forensics Tool examines and loads all tables in the SQL database, generating a glimpse of all transaction activity saved in the LDF file. It is useful to inspect the SQL Server transaction log, which includes fields such as Transaction, Transaction time, Table name etc. By selecting the required transaction, you may view the specific records on the preview pane. It displays the entire dataset as well as the column name.

Software Walkthrough
  • Step 1
    Add MDF Files to the Software

    Click "Open" in the software's menu to browse for and launch the chosen MDF file from its destination:

  • Step 2
    Uploaded MDF Files

    The software will display a summary of the details of the chosen MDF files and will automatically scan the MDF files in the SQL Server database.

  • Step 3
    Preview the Recovered Database

    The software will display all of the information in the repaired MDF files, including tables, triggers, stored procedures, views, etc.

Add mdf mdf Files
Add mdf Files
uploaded mdf Files
preview recovered data
Client’s Reviews for SQL Forensics Software

Because the SQL database had been corrupted for some reason, I was helpless and unable to find a suitable solution to recover it. However, the availability of the SQL Forensics Tool simplified things for me. It is the greatest tool for recovering and reading SQL databases.

Liam Olivia

Liam, United States

I recovered a big amount of data without corrupting it with this SQL Forensics Tool. To save these files, I may alternatively build a new database in the target SQL Server. Thank you very much to the programmers for creating such wonderful software.

Ima Fernandez

Andrew, UK

I needed to recover and transfer data from offline MDF files to an online SQL Server, and this SQL Forensics Tool came in handy. This tool simplifies a difficult chore for me. Thank you to the developer team for creating such an outstanding product.

Stanley Herrera

Calvin, USA

Yes, the whole SQL Server database, including every object, record, and so on, will be recovered.
Yes, regardless of the type of damage, the tool provides all transaction information via. The name of the transaction (Insert, Update, or Delete), the name of the table on which the transaction was conducted, the date and time of the transaction, and the query executed.
Using the SQL Forensics Tool, the backup file for LDF can be opened, but not the dedicated log file for SQL Server, regardless of version.
The data transfer from an MDF file whose database cannot link to the server or is not part of the system won't present any issues. You must choose the option to effortlessly move the records from an offline SQL Server database.