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Free OFT reader is a professional product to investigate and preview Outlook item templates in a struggle-free manner.

  • Analyze and read OFT files with complete associated properties.
  • Provides several preview modes like properties, raw message, etc.
  • Standalone solution i.e., open OFT file without Outlook installation.
  • Advance search option to carve out important evidences from .oft files.
  • No OFT file size restriction is associated with OFT file opener app.
  • The freeware holds an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface.
  • Shows total counting of templates that are present in each added folder.
  • Support OFT file of Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, and below versions.

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Why Choose Free OFT Viewer Software ?

Nowadays, digital forensics team need a quick and reliable technique to view OFT files and analyze content of it. Therefore, developers coded an OFT reader to easily open and investigate Outlook templates to gather evidences. Moreover, both investigators or home users can utilize this freeware to open OFT file without Outlook.

Outstanding Features of Microsoft Outlook OFT File Viewer

Explore More Exciting Benefits of Tool to Open, View & Read Outlook OFT Files

Locate, Analyze and Read OFT Files

Forensics investigators can manually locate orphaned files of Outlook templates to analyze their content in depth. They can view OFT files in bulk because the freeware renders ‘Choose Files’ and ‘Choose Folders’ option. These options allow adding of OFT files in batch mode – all at once.

Perform OFT Forensic Examination

Officials can use free OFT File Viewer to read OFT files on Windows operating system. They can access this application to collect evidences from suspected .oft files in just few clicks. In addition to this, customers can utilize this app in a flawless way because there is no limit on file size associated in it.

View OFT Files in 3+ Preview Modes

The OFT opener enables professionals to examine OFT files in several preview modes. These are Content, Hex view, Properties, Message Header, and Raw message. The software extracts these details of chosen template files and loads them on the preview panel in a systematic manner.

Use Advance Search for Deep Analysis

OFT File Viewer provides an Advance Search feature to make the investigation procedure easier. This option enables a person to search for a particular template. The advance searching renders filters like From, Date, To, Time, and more to achieve the desired .oft file with attachments.

Open OFT file without Outlook Mail App

There is no requirement of installing Microsoft Outlook to view OFT files. The freeware allows business officials to read the content of templates without any dependency issues. Apart from text, one can see images, hyperlinks, and attachments, if present in added templates.

Free Download OFT Analyzer for Windows

OFT File Viewer is compatible with all the editions of Microsoft Windows operating system. It means that professionals can launch the freeware on any versions of Windows. Forensics experts can download OFT file forensics software for free without taking any stress.

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Specifications of Free OFT Viewer Software

Pentium Class or higher
Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk
100 MB of free space
Language Supported

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Commonly Asked Questions

Implement the following steps to open OFT file without Outlook :

  • Step 1: Launch OFT file viewer on your computer.
  • Step 2: Click on Open and select Choose Folders
  • Step 3: Browse the folder having .oft templates in it.
  • Step 4: Now, its your time to view data of added files.

Yes, in order to add huge OFT files simultaneously, use ‘Choose Folders’ option. Through this, you simply have to click on the source folder and then, the software automatically starts retrieving content from it.

No. The solution to read OFT files is free but it does not mean that it has any virus or malware issues. The setup file of the freeware is virus-free and there will be no harm caused to your system.

No, there are no information alteration or loss issues related to the OFT reader. You can work with the app without any stress of data loss, security issues, etc.

Yes, the developers had developed the program in such a brilliant manner that it fetches all the items present in a templates. Images, attachments, hyperlinks, non-English text, etc., are extracted by the OFT file opener.