MBOX File Forensics Tool

The finest software that enables the investigator to view and analyse MBOX files with attachment .

  • Analyze the source and content of MBOX files as evidence.
  • Examine Metadata in the email header via inbuilt viewer.
  • Scan & read MBOX file database with email attachments.
*The free download is solely for testing purposes and includes a message preview and restricted MBOX file conversion.

The Most Powerful MBOX File Forensics Tool

A programme like the MBOX Forensics tool will assist the investigator in thoroughly examining the MBOX file and all of its components. With the built-in search mode, the app is effective for MBOX database examination. It makes it easier to investigate MBOX messages fast and precisely.

  • Preview MBOX file emails in multiple Preview Modes.
  • MBOX Forensic Viewer Open and save all attachments.

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Forensics MBOX by Examining All Materials

The forensic expert may read material from MBOX files, such as email messages, attachments, and header information, using MBOX File Forensics Software. People may inspect and read MBOX file data in several preview settings using the MBOX file forensics wizard. To extract the evidence, the application gives basic field names and descriptions.

  • Maintains data integrity during MBOX file investigation.
  • Extract email related evidence with Dual Search mode.

Notable Features of MBOX Email Forensics Software

Carve Evidence from MBOX File

MBOX forensics application is an extraordinary solution to examine and read MBOX database file with attachments. The software is designed with the latest algorithm that makes the MBOX file investigation simple and rapid. The tool analyses the mailbox carefully to carve important evidence. It simply reads the components of the MBOX file header, body, attachments and more.

Add MBOX File from any Location

The software provides multiple modes to open a MBOX file. The user can conduct MBOX file investigation by adding Files / Folders. The investigator can also read configured MBOX files from any email client. MBOX file forensics wizard is a useful utility to analyses the MBOX file mailbox along with the attachment. There no chances of any data loss with a reliable solution.

Preview MBOX File in Multiple Modes

The software is an advanced application to open and read MBOX files from any email client. It offers three preview modes to investigators to examine the MBOX file. The Normal Preview Mode, Properties Preview Mode, and Hex View Mode. With the use of all the modes, the forensicator can analyse multiple MBOX files in detail. It is one of the best programs to examine the MBOX file.

Dual Advance Search Facilities

The application is efficient & secure to acquire MBOX file email analysis. MBOX forensics tool provides dual search analysis such as Quick & Advance Search for deep analysis of MBOX files. The Quick search allows finding keyword, text, phrase from MBOX emails. The Advance search comes with multiple filers to analyze MBOX files in deep and provides the best user experience.

Examine MBOX File from Email Clients

The MBOX file forensics program is an exceptional utility. It supports MBOX file from 20+ email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape, Spicebird, Entourage, Eudora, Apple Mail, PocoMail, Evolution, SeaMonkey, Opera Mail and more. It open, read and view all the MBOX with the respective attachments. The investigator can also see the preview of MBOX attachments.

Dynamic Compact View Filter

The MBOX Header analysis tool is a flexible solution to scan & read multiple MBOX emails with all the properties such as CC, To, From, Subject, Attachment, Signature, Content Body and more. The investigation will find a Compact View button at the bottom of the software panel. After enabling the button, all the system folders get to hide in the software interface.

Open & Save MBOX File Attachment

For an investigator, email and attachments both play an important role in extracting evidence. With the help of the MBOX forensics tool, the forensicator can view the attachments like images, word files, pdf files, and more from the MBOX file. Also, it offers the investigator to save and save all the attachments from the MBOX file during the investigation process.

Compatible with Windows Edition

The MBOX forensics investigation tool is compatible with all the Windows platforms such as Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and more. It is one of the most efficient utilities for examining and analyzing MBOX file with attachments. The tool performs an in-depth analysis of the MBOX file with all the advance feature that makes the investigation process quick and simple.

Software Walkthrough
  • Step 1
    Add MBOX Files & Folders

    Click the "Open” icon to add all the MBOX data.

  • Step 2
    View All MBOX Files

    Select all the required items to preview in content.

  • Step 3
    Export the MBOX Files Database

    Once the MBOX file & folders are loaded » Click Export to save.

Add MBOX Files
Add MBOX Files
preview MBOX Files
export and save MBOX data
Making Your Choice Easy

Converts All MBOX Folders and Files


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  • Provides option to preview MBOX emails before exporting them
  • Free Lifetime Upgrade Included
  • Free Product Support Included
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Converts Unlimited MBOX Folders and Files

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  • For 10 PC / Laptop, Business License
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Converts All MBOX Mailbox Items


  • For 50 PC / Laptop, Enterprise License
  • Provides option to preview repaired photos before saving them
  • Extracts thumbnails of badly corrupt photos
  • Repairs multiples corrupt photos in one go
  • Recovers lost or deleted photos
Client′s Review for MBOX Email Forensics Software

MBOX file Forensics tool is one of the best apps to examine a complete Mailbox with attachments. It is also a feature-rich program that provides advance Search and multiple preview mode to perform MBOX file investigation. Highly suggested

Liam Olivia

Liam Olivia, United States

MBOX File Forensics Tool is very useful when looking up MBOX emails. However, I was very impressed with the DotStella MBOX file reader. We examined all the system parts, examining the .mbox files and helping them open and view them properly.

Justin Hansen

Justin Hansen, New York

Thanks to the developers. We had a lot of corrupt MBOX files and my team and I need a solution to help us find evidence from that file. The MBOX file forensic tool is amazing, and I have to say that you can easily scan MBOX files without getting confused.

Natalie Chopra

Natalie Chopra, Australia

Technical Specifications
About Product

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Release Date

March, 2021


Single User


Personal, Business, Enterprise

Language Supported


System Requirements

System Requirements



Operating System

Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1


512 MB minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

100 MB Free Space

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*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides preview of messages and limited conversion of messages
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Yes, the tool provides complete email header information during the investigation.
One can’t start the application on the Mac machine to analyse MBOX file.