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DotStella DBX File Forensics

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Use Outlook Express DBX forensics software to extract emails from DBX files without encountering any type of hindrances. It is an independent utility to analyze email headers and other technical details of orphaned DBX files. The freeware provides an uncomplicated environment to collect evidences from files having .dbx extension.

  • Standalone measure to open and analyze DBX files in bulk.
  • Extract emails from DBX files without compromising integrity.
  • No email client installation is required for analysis of DBX files.
  • Offers dual Searching modes – Quick Search and Advance Search.
  • Displays email with attachment(s) and all its associated properties.
  • Provides the Hex value of each and every mail present in added DBX.
  • DBX forensics has easy-to-understand and simple-to-use interface.
  • Shows the total count of emails present in one or more DBX files.

What Makes Outlook Express DBX Forensics Wizard Unique ?

DotStella provides a digital file forensics product, which enables forensics’ officials to deeply examine DBX files. It renders all the functionalities in it that are required by investigators to forensically check Outlook Express database files. The software is available for free, providing standard options to extract emails from Outlook Express DBX files.

Exclusive Features of DBX File Forensics Software

Free & Smart Way to Analyze DBX File

DBX file forensics is a brilliant tool to open and examine Outlook Express DBX files. It is coded with trending algorithms in it that makes it easy for forensics officials to investigate it rapidly. The software enables professionals to extract emails from DBX files of large size without any hassle.

Examine Email Attachments Deeply

The freeware to extract messages from Outlook Express DBX files works in a way that it fetches attachment(s) from each email, if present. Forensics clients can view and check an attachment in its original file format. If required, investigators can save these attachments locally for free.

Scan & Fetch All Properties of An Email

The DBX file forensics software is programmed in a way that it fetches all properties of a message. Investigators can view content details, message header information, and hex properties of an email. This will help one in fetching evidences from suspected messages of DBX files.

Offers Advance Search Mechanism

This feature makes the tool unique and popular in field of forensics department. Freeware provides a ‘Quick Search’ option to find emails on basis of keywords, phrase, text, etc. Another search mode is ‘Advance Search’. It enables investigators to look for emails on the basis of different criterion.

Dual Mode to Browse DBX Files in Bulk

There are two different options provided in DBX file forensics tool to add source DBX files – Choose Folders and Choose Files. Investigators can opt for first option to add one (or more) DBX folder(s) from one location. Second option is provided to add one (or more) DBX file(s) from 1 folder.

Holds User-friendly GU Interface

The Outlook Express DBX file forensics utility is designed in a way that it makes simple for investigators to understand the entire procedure of file forensic. It extracts emails from DBX files without causing a single error message and hence, renders a struggle-free investigation platform.

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Software Specifications of DBX File Forensics
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System Requirements

Pentium Class or higher

Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk
100 MB of free space

Software Delivery


Intreface Available

Language Supported

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How can I open and analyze DBX files on MS Windows ?

Implement the following steps for analysis of DBX files :

  • Step 1 : Launch DBX file forensic software on your PC.
  • Step 2 : Its time to click on Open >> DBX files option.
  • Step 3 : Add suspected DBX files by using anyone method.
  • Step 4 : Finally, you can collect evidences from DBX files.

Yes, you can add any number of DBX files as much you wish from a folder. The tool is designed in a way that it work effortlessly with n number of orphaned DBX files / folders at a time.

Yes, DBX file forensics is a Windows-based free tool to extract emails from Outlook Express DBX files. It is compatible with all available versions of Windows OS.

This feature is useful when officials wish to hide system folders. It helps in easing the analysis procedure of DBX files for collecting evidences.

Yes, you can save DBX emails (with or without attachment) in PDF by using ‘Export’ feature provided in this tool. Free version allows printing of first 10 emails from selected folders. You can eliminate this limitation by buying the full version of DBX file forensic software.