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IceWarp Email Migration Tool

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IceWarp server migration tool is a powerful program that guides professionals to export email folders from IceWarp to several file formats like PDF, MBOX, PST, etc. In addition to this, the software provides a field of options through which business clients can upload IceWarp data to various email service providers like Office 365, Gmail, etc.

  • Convert / Export IceWarp mailboxes to PDF, PST, MBOX, etc.
  • Export IceWarp emails with attachments and their properties.
  • IceWarp email migration tool to move contacts and calendars.
  • Option to import configured IceWarp profile items or folders.
  • Offers an advanced solution to migrate IceWarp to new server.
  • Enables officials to perform selective IceWarp server migration.
  • Works flawlessly with orphaned folder having IceWarp content.
  • IceWarp database migration holds an easy-to-use GU interface.

Why to Use DotStella IceWarp Migrator Wizard?

IceWarp server migration tool gives strength and encouragement to customers when they decide to move IceWarp to new server. It assures 100% maintenance of data integrity and keeps the folder structure intact throughout. Email properties like attachments, images, header information, etc., are strictly held at the migration time.

Brilliant Features of IceWarp Email Migration Software

Batch Export IceWarp Mailboxes Quickly

IceWarp database migration tool renders an advance technology to move IceWarp to new server. Officials can use this program to import IceWarp mailboxes including emails, address book, calendar, etc. All these things will be processed collectively without causing any error statement.

Move IceWarp Contacts and Calendars

The IceWarp email migration tool proves itself useful at the time of handling questions like how to export IceWarp address book, how to export IceWarp calendars, and more related questions. Well, we want to tell users that this software allows officials to export contacts and calendars separately.

Export IceWarp Emails with Attachments

Professionals can migrate IceWarp to new server with both type of emails i.e., with attachments and without attachments. Any message might hold several kinds of attachment files like text files, DOC, PDF, JPEG, etc. This tool enables users to move all embedded attachment along with emails.

Dual Ways to Add IceWarp Content

IceWarp server migration tool has been designed in a way that it provides two options to browse the IceWarp data. The two options are Open Configured IceWarp Account and Choose Folder. Computers users can pick any of these options on the basis of their requirement.

A Complete Standalone Software

If you have an an orphaned folder containing IceWarp files but do not have IceWarp installed on your PC, we have a solution for that. It means that you can use IceWarp email migration tool to export orphaned IceWarp folder to Office 365, Gmail, etc., without IceWarp installation.

Maintains Original Folder Hierarchy

You will now be able to move IceWarp to new server without compromising the folder and sub folder hierarchy. The folder structure that was previously present in IceWarp mail account will be same after the migration procedure. Also, the original details of IceWarp mailboxes is kept untouched.

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Software Specifications
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System Requirements

Pentium Class or higher

Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk
100 MB of free space

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How do I use the IceWarp email migration tool?

Implement the following steps to attempt IceWarp server migration :

  • Step 1: Launch IceWarp migration tool on your system and click Open.
  • Step 2: Select ‘IceWarp Accounts’ and hit on ‘Open Configured...’ option.
  • Step 3: Browse the account that is to be exported and then, preview data.
  • Step 4: Click Export to select anyone of the target option for migration.
  • Step 5: Finally, click the Save button to execute the task through the app.

Yes, before clicking on the Save button, you have to select only those IceWarp folders that you wish to convert. The IceWarp database migration tool picks the folders, that are chosen by customers.

Yes, IceWarp emails with attachment(s) are migrated in this application. These attachments are embedded in each email that contains attachment in it. The file format of an attachment is remains the same as it was before the conversion procedure.

Yes, IceWarp server migration tool is a Windows-based utility that works on all available versions of Windows operating system.

Yes, you can preview IceWarp content deeply with the help of the panel where extracted information is loaded. Each email, contact, calendar, etc., will be shown in detail in the preview arena.