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Windows Live Mail Forensics Wizard

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Windows Live Mail Forensics software is a top-class solution to extract evidence from the WLM mailbox. It is a fast, easy and direct technique to examine and preview WLM data accurately. The program is a qualitative method to open and read multiple Windows Live Mail emails with attachments. Investigators prefer the application to conduct Windows Live Email Analysis without an email client.

  • In-depth Forensic Analysis of WLM emails with attachments.
  • Analyze WLM email from every angle to collect the evidence.
  • Windows Live Mailbox forensics Investigation with Preview Modes.
  • Illustrate the Header information of Windows Live Mail emails.
  • Dual Search to facilitate and advance analysis of WLM mailbox.
  • Windows Live Forensics Tool helps to carve out the crucial information.
  • Analyze & Examine WLM emails without presence of Windows Live Mail.
  • The software diminishes the extra efforts and save time of Fornicators.

Why Choose Windows Live Mail Forensics Software ?

There are many situations in which Investigators find emails as the source of evidence. Windows Live Mail Forensics tool lets you examine, analyze, read & open WLM emails without any supportive application. It provides a complete analysis of the mailbox without restrictions so that investigators can collect the required information for the case. The utility is also an offline program. It means you can work with the tool without an internet environment.

Tremendous Features of Windows Live Mail Forensics Tool

Instant Analysis of WLM Emails

Windows Live Forensics Tool is an excellent solution to examine & analyze the WLM mailbox using various attributes such as; Header analysis, normal email body examination, viewing the hexadecimal code, message header analysis, Hexadecimal view, and more. This effortless application is designed with advance knowledge of Forensics. It provides 100% accurate results in a couple of clicks with the attached files.

Forensics Analysis of WLM Mailbox

The tool is endowed with strong capabilities such as multiple View mode, a preview of Bulk Windows Live Mail emails, etc. It is an ideal solution for extracting evidence from all sorts of environment corporate, government agencies, startup and many more. It provides exact and detailed analysis of WLM emails with attachments. Using this product, the investigator can carry out a brief examination of data without restrictions.

Analyze & Examine Message Header

Windows Live Email Analysis software simplifies the investigation. It provides you all the information from Windows Live Mail email headers that includes IP address, Message-IDs, Content-Type, and more things. This ultimate email forensics utility helps to conduct on the stop analysis of WLM mailbox and guarantees no data alteration. The WLM forensics tool aims to carve out sufficient evidence for the respective investigation.

Extract Evidence without Email Client

The Windows Live Mail Forensics Examiner is an independent program. It open and analyze multiple emails from WLM in the absence of the email client. The utility also read configured WLM emails rapidly. It identifies required emails without any kind of manipulation of data. The investigator can conduct Windows Live Email Analysis via Tool with definite entities such as Message body, Meta, and more.

Dual Search Mode Availability

The application comes with an inbuilt Search mechanism. The Quick Search lets you examine Windows Live Mail in advance way. You can find words, texts, phrases, and other things easily. The Advance Search option is designed to analyze WLM emails concisely. It comes with multiple filters such as Subject, Date, Time, To, From and more to narrow the WLM email analysis with attachments.

Simply Hide System Folder

The tool provides a Compact View mode at the bottom of the software to hide system folders during the investigation. This way the utility reduces extra efforts. The tool makes Windows Live Mail email analysis easier & effective. Once the Windows Live Mail mailbox is uploaded in the software interface, the software starts scanning emails with attachments. It comes with a simple & interactive GUI that all investigators can understand to extract evidence.

Save Bulk Attachments at Once

In an investigation, attachments are equally important as emails. Attachments always deal with important digital artifacts. The Windows Live Mail Forensics Wizard opens the attachments along with emails. Moreover, allows the fornicators to Save All attachments from an email to any location on the system. The software is a user-friendly platform that is trusted globally to extract & analyze evidence from Windows Live Mail emails.

Compatible with Windows OS

This effortless utility Windows Live Mail Forensics tool works on all editions of Windows OS. The investigator can download the application on available Windows versions. It works smoothly and efficiently. It also supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. The software is a reliable and quick way to forensically analyze WLM emails with attachments. It guarantees no data alteration and complete accurate results.

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Specifications of Windows Live Mailbox Forensics Investigation Tool
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System Requirements

Pentium Class or higher

Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk
100 MB of free space

Software Delivery


Intreface Available

Language Supported

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How to Analyse Windows Live Mail mailboxes for Windows ?

These are the steps to extract evidence from WLM emails.

  • Step 1 : Free Download Windows Live Mail Forensics Tool.
  • Step 2 : Click Open File to upload WLM emails in interface.
  • Step 3 : Check the WLM mailbox and see the preview.
  • Step 4 : Go to Search mode for advanced WLM email analysis.

Finished! By following the above steps, you can easily search & analysis Windows Live Mail data.

Yes, the utility allows you to open and read emails from the WLM inbox with attachments.

Compact View helps researchers see only the WLM folders required to analyze. Once you have uploaded WLM emails, you will find a Compact View button at the bottom. Enable it to hide the system folder.

Yes, the application has no limitations, it can analyze WLM folders of any file size.

Yes, the application is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS, including Windows 10.