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Mailspring Forensics Wizard

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Mailspring Forensics software is a free-of-cost technique for investigators to collect evidences from Mailspring database files. The tool is easy-to-install and its setup file is simple to port. Investigators can carry the installation file in a pen drive and smoothly install EXE on other system, wherever required.

  • Renders in-depth analysis of Mailspring emails along with attachments.
  • Freeware provides each and every technical means to gather evidences.
  • Investigators can easily open and read multiple Mailspring emails at a time.
  • Provides two searching options for forensic investigation – Quick & Advance.
  • Allows opening of attachment and deeply analyze each & every bit of it.
  • Avail ‘Choose Folder’ option to browse messages of Mailspring collectively.
  • Investigators can attempt Mailspring forensics without Mailspring installation.
  • Forensic team is allowed to save ‘All Attachments’ freely from all messages.

What’s Attractive in Mailspring Email Forensics Software?

High-level algorithms are programmed in this Mailspring email forensics tool. These algorithms allows investigators to deeply view the Mailspring emails and solve the case. A forensic team member can use this product for free and independently access it on any Windows machine. This freeware is available for Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and below versions.

Prominent Features of DotStella Mailspring Forensics Wizard

Forensics Analysis of Mailspring Items

The software is a standard platform that has strong capabilities in it like several View modes, preview of bulk Mailspring messages, etc. Investigators can consider this solution as an ideal approach to extract evidences from all types of government agencies, environment corporate, startup firms, etc. The freeware provides a hassle-free analyses of Mailspring emails.

Two Powerful Searching Mechanisms

The Mailspring forensics wizard is a free means to read Mailspring emails. The product renders dual searching options in it and they are – Quick and Advance Search. The Quick Search feature enables investigators to look for a particular text or content in the messages. The Advance Search helps in rendering particular information from Mailspring mailboxes in few moments.

Analyze & Save Attachments for Free

This is the attractive feature of the free Mailspring forensic tool. The utility provides an option to open and analyze attachment(s) of emails. It supports every file format of the attachment like .docx, .doc, .pdf, .png, .jpeg, and many more. Also, the tool provides an excellent feature of saving the desired attachments on the system for free.

Compact View Features for Simplification

This is another useful feature for forensic team to deeply analyze Mailspring content and collect evidences with ease. ‘Compact View’ feature allows professionals to simplify the viewing procedure. It hides all the sub-folders and displays crucial mail folders only. By default, this feature is disable. Investigators have to enable it for their purpose.

100% Safe & Compelling Performance

The Mailspring forensics wizard renders an on-spot investigation procedure for bulk amount of Mailspring messages with attachments. The software ensures the data security and does not perform any data manipulation while processing the emails. Also, the GUI of the app is intuitive and interactive, which can be accessed by any type of investigator.

Gather Evidence without Email Client

One of the attractive things of this free forensic product is that it examines data independently. It does not require the installation of Mailspring email client and allows forensic team to work without any stress. Professionals can use the Mailspring investigation tool on any PC, which has Windows 10 (or below versions) operating system installed on it.

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Specifications of Mailspring Forensics Wizard
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System Requirements

Pentium Class or higher

Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk
100 MB of free space

Software Delivery


Interface Available

Language Supported

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I use your tool to open and read Mailspring emails?

Implement following steps to open and view Mailspring messages via our free Mailspring forensic tool:

  • Step 1 : Download and install the setup file of Mailspring investigation tool.
  • Step 2 : Launch the app and click on Open >> Choose a Folder option.
  • Step 3 : It’s time to select the folder in which Mailspring emails are stored.
  • Step 4 : Finally, the utility loads the entire data items for analyzes purpose.

You simply have to use ‘Select a Folder’ option to add multiple emails of Mailspring in our free software.

Yes, of course you can investigate messages with attachments of ‘Sent’ mailbox from our free Mailspring forensics wizard.

Yes, no matter how many numbers of emails are stored in the folder. Our software has the power to handle unlimited number of messages without any trouble.

In aspect of investigation feature, there is NO limitation in this free forensic tool for Mailspring. But yes, you can use this product only on Windows OS. This tool is not available for MAC and Linux OS users.