Chat Converter Tool

A Professional and Secure Method to Convert Existing JSON Conversations of Any Personal and Business Chat App, Such as Hangouts

  • Convert an exported JSON Conversation to a variety of options.
  • Allows you to study JOSN Conversations before converting them.
  • A Complete Standalone App That Doesn't Require Additional Programs
  • Allows you to create separate files for each Exported JSON conversation.

A Smart Chat Converter Application

Many professionals export critical business and personal app discussions for future study. These exported chats, however, are saved in JSON format, which is not human readable. As a result, a tool like DotStella Chat Converter comes into play at this moment. This type of Conversion Tool assists professionals in converting these JSON conversions into a human-readable file type.

Convert All Data from eM Client

A Tried and True Conversation Converter

This chat converter tool has undergone extensive testing. It ensures that it keeps the original chat structures and doesn't alter anything before, during, or after talks are converted. Any user can readily access this program because of how simple it is to use.

  • It has the easiest user interface for the user's convenience.
  • Professionals can use the demo version for free before purchasing it.

The Exported JSON Chat Converter Tool's Top 8 Features

A User Friendly Converter for JSON Chats

The Chat Conversion Tool is intended for all users. It is created with the most basic graphical user interface so that you can operate on it without any complexities. It allows you to manually choose and upload JSON files or folders from any location on your devices for conversion. There are no sophisticated functionalities to confuse you at any stage of the procedure. Thus it is usable even if the user lacks technical knowledge.

Save Exported JSON Chats to Multiple File Formats

As is well known, the exported JSON conversations are not in human-readable format. This utility allows you to convert them to an easily readable format. With the software, you may easily convert your JSON chats to DOCX, PPTX, XLSM, XLSB, XLT, ODS, OTS, PST, PDF, HTML, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, SQL, TSV, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, WEBP, SVG, XPS, MHTML, MD, and XML quickly and securely.

Select Email or Document File for Better Utilize JSON Chats

Emails and document files are among the many saving choices that the Chat Converter Tool provides. With this program, you may convert exported JSON chats to PDF, TXT, CSV and HTML files. The PDF file makes it simple to access your chat and provides it to you in a legible format. Additionally, if you want to access your business app conversations through your Outlook account for work purposes, you can choose the PST option.

Support for Multiple Chat Applications

This Chat Converter Tool works with JSON files exported from various personal or business chat programs thanks to the innovative algorithm employed in its development. Users of Slack Teams, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Troop Messenger, Skype Chat, Hive Chat, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, and other similar services can use this software to convert their data to a more easily accessible or portable file format.

More Than a Chat Converter Wizard

This Chat Converter Tool is a comprehensive tool that allows you to do much more than just convert your exported JSON conversations. It allows you to thoroughly study your Chats before converting them to your selected alternatives. You can manually pick and upload JSON conversations before viewing a comprehensive preview. As a result, professionals may consider this program to be a JSON Conversations Viewer as well.

Supported Devices for the Chat Converter Tool

The Chat Converter Wizard is an utility that is specifically built for Windows-based devices. This produced JSON Chat Converter can be downloaded, installed, and used on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and previous versions. As a result, when using the tool, you will not need to update the OS version on your Windows device.

Enables to Select Required Target Path

When it comes to offering consumers with ease, the tool never fails. Many features of the tool make it easy for you to convert the exported JSON files and obtain the appropriate output. It includes a browsing tool for selecting the place. You can browse and choose a location to save the resulting files. This feature will be very useful to you since it will allow you to keep your files in a safe location and prevent them from being mixed up with others.

Create Distinct Files for Each Conversation.

For each chat, this sophisticated application creates an own file. For instance, the program will generate 15 output files if your chat database contains 15 talks. Additionally, this chat Converter Tool keeps track of all the information shared in chat conversations, including names, emails, dates, and times.

Software Walkthrough
  • Step 1
    Add JSON Chats to Software Pane

    Start the tool and add all of the JSON files you want to convert.

  • Step 2
    Select Saving option

    After all of the files have been presented in the software, you can choose your preferred saving method.

  • Step 3
    Browse Location and Save

    Select a location to save the resulting data and press the save button.

Add json chats
Add json chats
select saving option
click save to convert exported json chats
Client’s Reviews for Chat Converter Wizard

The Chat Converter Tool is a great tool for reading exported Hangout chats with ease. The exported Hangout JSON talks couldn't be read before. But now I've transformed them into a readable format using the Chat Converter Wizard. Thank you for the great software.

Liam Olivia

Nelson, USA

The Exported JSON Chat Converter is an excellent app that assisted me in converting my discussions to PDF files. I can now quickly extend my chat to Windows, Mac, and smartphone devices. Thank you to the development teams for creating such an intelligent tool.

Ima Fernandez

Vikram, India

The program is useful not only for converting Exported JSON chats, but also for opening them. I wasn't ready to convert my files yet, but I did need to start my conversations. This application greatly aided me in analysing my talks.

Stanley Herrera

Calvin, UK

Technical Specifications
About Product

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Release Date

March, 2021


Single User


Personal, Business, Enterprise

Language Supported


System Requirements

System Requirements



Operating System

Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1


2 GB minimum

Hard Disk

131.1 MB Free Space

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Yes, the Chat Conversion software is compatible with all Windows operating system versions. It is compatible with Windows 7 as well as any version above and below.
Yes, this tool is capable of simply converting corporate and personal chat apps to readable format. Conversations from Hangouts and other chat apps may be simply converted to PDF and other formats.
No, the only restriction you will encounter is in the demo edition. There are no restrictions after you purchase the license version.
No, that Chat Converter app is entirely self-contained. You do not need to install any additional software to convert exported JSON chats.