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How to View Email Message Header in Outlook Application?

Admin ~ Modified: 25-Aug-2021 ~ Outlook ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you stuck in a dilemma of open & view email headers in Outlook? Do you want to learn how to view, read & Check Email Message Headers in Outlook Application? If YES, come and let us explore the exact solution in this article, which will help you correctly check the email header in the Outlook application.

From a forensic perspective, email headers play a very important role in gathering evidence. The analysis of the email header gives the complete details of a particular email. A few days earlier, our support team received a query where one of the forensic investigators requested the Outlook email header forensic tool. We recommend using Dotstella Outlook Forensic Wizard. It is an expert solution that provides an Outlook data file email header analysis. In the following blog, we will explain how to view the email header in Outlook with one click. But first, let’s take a quick look at email headers.

The email header is primarily important information about the sender and recipient who travels along with every mail, for example, IP address, Internet service provider, email client, and even location. When investigators check emails, they must first check their headers to identify the source of the message. However, to conduct an appropriate investigation, the examination must be done correctly.

In the next section, find the simple steps of analyzing Outlook email headers. Therefore, please follow the below steps.

View Email Headers in Outlook in Quick Steps


Perform the following step-by-step process to read and check the message headers of the Outlook application.

With the demo version, users can view email headers in 10 Outlook emails. The free trial version also tells you how the tool works and how it works. Once you satisfied, activate the product license key to view the email header in the Outlook data file.

  • Download Outlook Email Header Forensics Tool in your Windows system.
download software
  • Go to the upper left corner and click “Open File“. Load data from Outlook files for analysis.
  • Select the folder and click Email to verify the preview.
view email header in outlook
  • When you check the email preview, you will find a Properties tab. Click to view all information on the email.

So these are simple but effective steps to quickly view email headers in Outlook data files. Also, if you want to export Outlook emails to common file formats, you can press the “Export” tab. It provides a list of several options, such as EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML, CSV, etc.

check header of email in outlook

Why Choose Outlook Email Headers Forensics Tool?

This is a professional solution for users who want to open or view Outlook emails with header information. Outlook provides inbuilt features to save Outlook emails to Excel or CSV files. But, it does not support exporting email header information. With this solution, you can easily open or view email headers in Outlook and save them to the required format. It is the only solution that offers a lot of functionality.

Furthermore, the following are the main benefits of using this software for Outlook email header analysis. So let’s start:

  • Provide Preview of Outlook Data – This software provides a complete preview of .pst and .ost files with all attachments. You can view all email information by clicking on the Properties tab.
  • No Outlook Installation Needed – The Outlook Email Header Forensics software is a standalone program. You can analyze all Outlook email headers without MS Outlook installation.
  • Multiple Extract Option – You may have noticed the extract tab on the software interface. Click this button you can easily extract email addresses and attachments.
  • Save All Email Attachments – It allows the user to save multiple attachments in a single folder. Now you can share the Outlook email attachment folder with anyone.
  • Supported All Windows – The application for Outlook data file email header analysis compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System. The user can also install it on Windows XP.
  • 100% Secure and Reliable – No doubt you can trust this application for Outlook data file email header analysis. This is a fast, secure, and popular app. It is specifically designed to help forensic investigators simplify their tasks.

Commonly Asked User Queries

Q 1: Can I use the software to view the email headers of some specific emails?

Ans. Yes, after loading the Outlook data file in the interface, select the folder. You can also enable the Compact view feature to view email headers in Outlook data file.

Q 2: Does the software have file size limits?

Ans. No, Outlook email header analysis software has no file size restrictions to read message headers of Outlook.

Q 3: Can I see my primary sending account when viewing email headers in Outlook?

Ans. Yes, the software allows confirmation of primary sending account details.

Closing Words

It could be difficult for an Outlook user to view email headers in the Outlook application. This is because the email header does not appear as email headers in the actual messages. Henceforth, we have discussed the complete step by step procedure to read and check the email headers concisely. In addition, we also mentioned the Outlook OST File Viewer tool, which can be used to view an orphaned Outlook data file without having to install the Outlook application.