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Cannot Open MSG File in Outlook 2016 / 2019 / 2013? Fix it Now

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Are you facing an error like cannot open .msg file in Outlook? Or,

Your Outlook is not able to open MSG file on Windows platform?

Whatever the situation is, here we are here to take you out from the problem of unable to open .msg file in Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2019 / 2010 / 2007. Don’t take stress because we are going to render a free solution to troubleshoot error.

It means that people don’t have to spent money from their pocket to resolve can’t open MSG file in Outlook mail client error. Also, the going to be suggested approach does not cause virus on computer, if professionals achieve setup file from official website.

Unable to Open .msg File in Outlook 2016 : Let’s See Solution

The solution that we are recommending readers in today’s post can be implemented by less technical as well as highly-technical qualified computer persons. They don’t have to acquire any external training to fix the error. So, without wasting much time, let’s read the following steps to fix cannot open .msg file in Outlook :

  • Download the setup file of MSG file viewer by clicking on Download Now. Here, the EXE file is virus-free and you can rely on it to accomplish your task. After this, install recently downloaded setup file on your PC.

download software

  • When installation gets completed, launch the application to begin with resolving of error ‘can’t open MSG file in Outlook program’.launch the tool
  • Click on Open >> MSG Files and then, hit on Choose Files button. Now, you have to browse towards the location of inaccessible MSG files so as to view their contents.choose files or folders
  • Start browsing MSG folders. Tap on “Select Folder” button to initiate the procedure.browse msg folders
  • The software begins extracting data from browsed files and then, load it on preview panel. You can now see the email information of each MSG without any time restriction.view msg emails
The technique to troubleshoot unable to open .msg file in Outlook 2016, is independent. It does not demand for the installation of Microsoft Outlook (or any other mail client) for support. People can consider it as a standalone way to fix error ‘Outlook is not able to open MSG file’.

Causes of the Can’t Open MSG File in Outlook Error

Several customers raise question why I cannot open .msg file in Outlook? What exactly the problem is? To answer the causes that result in such error, read out the following points :

  • Microsoft Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 is not configured properly on your PC.
  • The method that you are using to open orphaned MSG files is not correct.
  • MSG Preview generated by Hex editors, results in hassle while reading.
  • Chances of some unknown alteration in .msg files, leading to inaccessibility.

Few Client-based Queries on Outlook Not Able to Open MSG File Issue

 There are several users who post their problems when they are unable to open .msg file in Outlook mail client. Let’s read few of them :

  • Hey! I don’t know who is reading my post but yes, thanks a lot to takeout time for reading it. And I am sure that you’ll definitely help me. My manager has shared 10-11 files having .msg extension. I don’t know that how do I open this file. When I double-click on a file, I receive an error – cannot open .msg file in Outlook. Please can you help me by recommending any suitable approach?
  • Being a forensic investigator, I have to analyze hex properties of each email. When I open .msg file in Outlook, I view normal message but, not the tech attributes behind messages. I want to achieve hex values and properties of each mail so as to analyze  my investigation procedure effortlesly. So, my question is do you have idea of any method that opens MSG without Outlook, as per my requirements?

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to fix can’t open MSG file in Outlook 2013?

  • Implement the following steps to fix cannot open .msg file in Outlook error :
  • Launch MSG file viewer on your computer and hit on Open.
  • Select MSG Files option and click on Choose Files
  • Browse the files, which were causing error on your system.
  • Finally, hit on Open to view inaccessible MSG independently.

Q2: Can I use your freeware on Mac operating system?

A: No, the freeware is Windows-based so, it solves unable to open .msg in Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 and its other versions.

Q3: Does your solution support .msg of Outlook 2007?

A: Yes, our measure supports .msg files of Outlook 2019, 2016, and all below editions.

Q4: Is there any requirement of internet connectivity?

A: No. Actually, only to download setup file from website, internet connectivity is required. Otherwise to resolve cannot open .msg file in Outlook, web connection is not needed.

Observational Verdict

Unable to open .msg file in Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 – This error stops a person from viewing email content present in MSG files. Therefore, we came live with a one-stop measure to fix the issue. No complications will be faced by customers while implementing the approach and we guarantee them, that for-sure their problem associated with MSG files will be troubleshooted.