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Outlook Phone Numbers Extractor

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Best Way to Extract Contact Numbers from Outlook Data Files


  • Ability to retrieve and save phone numbers from Outlook
  • Easily find contact details from email attachments.
  • It allows you to extract multiple Outlook contacts at once.
  • Get phone, fax & mobile numbers from various Outlook accounts.
  • Find all contact information from Outlook emails in seconds.
  • Outlook Phone Numbers Extractor comes with simple user interface.
  • The software supported all Windows editions including Win 10.
  • Compatible with latest as well as previous versions of MS Outlook.


How to Extract Phone Number from Outlook ? Watch Live Video


Steps to Retrieve Outlook Contact Group in Few Clicks

Follow this step by step guide on how to extract phone numbers from Outlook data files.

Step 1. Download and launch Outlook Phone Numbers Extractor tool to browse Outlook data from Open File.

Step 2. The application provides the complete preview of Outlook contact list data.

Step 3. Go to Extract option and Select Phone Numbers.

Step 4. Now, pick the destination location . The software gives you the complete list of extracted phone numbers.

Step 5. Finally, click on the Save button to retrieve Outlook Contact list.

Read More About DotStella Outlook Phone Numbers Extractor

Outlook Phone Number Extractor is an advanced utility for extracting phone numbers and fax numbers from MS Outlook. The software is fully functional and can extract numbers from various folders such as inbox, outbox, drafts, sent mail, deleted mail, etc. You can also extract phone numbers stored in a contact file. The aim of the software is to provide users with an effective tool that they can use to extract the relevant phone or fax numbers contained in emails stored in Outlook files.

Moreover, the software has been equipped with sufficient functionality for this purpose. It boasts advanced filtering options. These filter options help users extract relevant numbers by setting search criteria as needed. It is programmed to avoid duplication and automatically filters out duplicate numbers. With this utility, users can save the extracted numbers in various formats. The user can save contact data in .csv or .txt files, CSV open in excel and TXT open in Notepad.

The tool especially helpful for organizations involved in the sale of goods and services. These organizations receive batch sales leads via email and need efficient phone number extractor software that can extract relevant numbers from emails stored in MS Outlook files.

Features of Tool to Extract Phone Number from Outlook

  • Extract All Phone Numbers from Outlook: This software can extract all phone numbers from Outlook data files. With a few simple steps, you can retrieve contact list and fax numbers from different Outlook profiles.
  • Retrieve Outlook Contacts from Attachments: Outlook Contact Number Extractor offers many features. It also allows users to extract phone numbers from email attachments for files such as DOC, XLS, PPT, CSV, TXT, etc. Hence, for users, this is the most secure application.
  • Extract Numbers without Installing Outlook: Outlook Phone Number Extractor is a completely independent application. The tool does not require installation of the Outlook program. Contact details can be easily extracted without Outlook.
  • Save Extracted Phone Numbers: This solution allows users to extract phone numbers from Outlook data files. In addition, users can save the extracted phone number as needed.
  • Browse Required Location Path: use the tool to view the desired destination path where you want to get the output. This function is helpful to easily manage and access the resulting files.
  • Supported All Windows OS:  The Outlook phone extractor is compatible with all Windows editions. You can install or use this application on Win 10, 8 and any other previous.

FAQS on Outlook Contact Numbers Extractor Tool

Ques 1. Can I use the utility to retrieve phone numbers from email attachments ?

Ans 1. Yes, with the tool you can extract Outlook phone numbers from attachments.

Ques 2. Can I use this software on Windows 10 ?

Ans 2. Yes, the tool is compatible with every edition of the Windows operating system.

Ques 3. Where did I find the extracted phone numbers?

Ans 3. You can select the desired destination where you want to store the resulting data.

Clients Reviews

“I was looking for a tool that allows me to retrieve contact group from Outlook files. One of my friends suggested me this Outlook Phone Number Extractor. Now, I can say that it is the best application to extract Outlook phone numbers without any difficulty. Thanks for this wonderful software.”

Daylan Brown – USA, New York

最初は、Outlookから電話番号を抽出する方法がわかりませんでした。 今、私はこのOutlook連絡先リストExtractorに非常に感謝しています。 この高度なユーティリティを開発してくれたDotStellaチームに感謝します.”

Akira Yuki, Japan