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Best Way to Open & View MSG File on Windows 10 in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

Admin ~ Published: 29-May-2020 ~ Freeware ~ 5 Minutes Reading

open msg file without outlook

You are here which means you are using a version of Windows 10 and cannot open your MSG file. There is the easiest trick for those who cannot open, view and read MSG files in Windows 10. In this write up, we will explain how to open MSG files without Outlook. So, let’s get started.

A file with an .msg extension contains a message with the attached file. You can open the MSG file with attachments with MS Outlook & Exchange. But what if you want to open a .msg file on Windows without MS Outlook & Exchange? This is possible with the MSG file viewer utility. This solution is a free application for Windows platform. The product allows you to open MSG files on all available versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10. This is a simple solution with a consistent interface for viewing .msg files on Windows.

Now let’s look at the issues the software can solve:

  • How to Open MSG File without Outlook application?
  • Can I open bulk MSG files with attachments?
  • How to Analyze MSG File without Installing Outlook?
  • How can I view .msg files on Windows 10 OS?
  • What is the finest way to read MSG files on Windows 10?
Expert Solution: MSG file opener is a world-renowned application for reading MSG files without any limitations. It is fast, easy and accurate to open MSG files on Windows 10 with all its features.

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Before continuing, let’s examine some scenarios in case the user needs to create an MSG Access & view file without MS Outlook.

  • Microsoft Outlook has reached the culmination of hard work, becoming a widely used application across the masses. Outlook is primarily built by organizations to communicate within the organization. It is absolutely essential at the corporate level to enable communication within the organization.
  • Microsoft Outlook email applications and other email clients use multiple file formats to store data. Among them, one of the widely used email extensions is MSG and also EML.  That is why some user also want to convert MSG to EML format.
  • If the user is not using the MS Outlook application, then it may be difficult for the user to view the MSG file because there is no other email app that can open the MSG file.
  • Another situation arises when Outlook does not open correctly due to some errors and then you cannot open and view MSG files simply.

Let’s go ahead and see how the MSG opener works to view .msg files on Windows.

Learn How to Open MSG File on Windows 10 without Outlook

  • Run Portable MSG data viewer software on Windows machine.run the software to open msg file without outlook
  • Go to “Open” menu and select “Choose Files” or “Choose Folder” option.choose files or folders option
  • Browse the MSG files and submit them into the software.browse msg folders
  • Click on MSG file to preview data in several modes.open msg files without outlook
  • Open, view, read MSG emails in different modes like Content, Message headers, Hex and Raw mode.read msg emails in different modes

This way you can open the bulk MSG files in Windows 10 without any remote installation. The solution is reliable, effort and maintains precision when opening Outlook MSG files on Windows 10 or others.

Read MSG Files Anywhere, Anytime Using Trouble Free Solution

One of the best qualities of a free solution to open an MSG file anytime on Windows 10. You can add multiple .msg files to preview all of the components. The file size is not limited. The MSG file viewer utility also offers the best user experience ever. It is compatible with MSG file from all Outlook editions including 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and more. You can see the message along with the attachment. This is the perfect utility to open MSG files on Windows platform without any data loss.

  • Free way to open MSG files with attachments and other elements.
  • Easily read bulk MSG files that include components such as to, from, and subject.
  • Open MSG file in preview mode such as Normal, Properties, Hexadecimal, Header, etc.
  • Capable to view MSG files with attachments, items, and other database details.
  • Browse and analyze all .msg files independently without losing data or modifying messages.
  • Information can be searched in MSG files by using advanced & quick search mode.
  • Maintains overall data integrity, folder hierarchy, and metadata properties.
  • You can open large MSG files and read unlimited content from .msg files.
  • This tool is 100% accurate, easy to use, fast and designed with minimal technology.
  • This solution MSG file opener software supported Windows OS versions.

Clear your Doubts with Question / Answer Section

 Q1: Can I read an MSG file without Microsoft Outlook in Windows 10?

Ans: Yes, by using DotStella solution, you can effortlessly open and read MSG files in Windows 10 without installing Outlook.

Q2: Windows 10 cannot open MSG files. What should I do ?

Ans: Download the MSG File Opener Utility to view or open MSG files with attachments in Windows 10.

Q3: Does the tool contain a preview of the MSG file header?

Ans. Yes, the software to open MSG file without Outlook provides a detailed preview of the message header.

Q4: Can I view multiple Outlook MSG files with this solution?

Ans: Yes, the user can preview multiple MSG files data by using this utility.

The Final Note

The above article provides users with the ability to open MSG file without Outlook application. Users should be focused on the entire task, as it will be very useful. Moreover, there is no way out to solve the problem manually, and then using the Automated Solution, that is, DotStella MSG Viewer Pro, would help a lot.