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How to Migrate Gmail Contacts to Office 365 Account?

Admin ~ Published: 24-Jan-2023 ~ Migration ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Have you been looking for a way to migrate Gmail contacts to Office 365 but can’t seem to find one that works? If so, you should definitely have a look at this website. It strives to provide consumers with the most effective method for migrating contacts from Gmail to Office 365. So, without further ado, scroll down the page and carefully examine all of the steps required to export your contacts.

Gmail is the account that benefits you in a variety of ways. It allows you to backup all of your data, including emails, documents, and contacts. You can move Gmail contacts to a local drive, where they will be saved in vCard format. After that, you may export them into Office 365 account.

How to Migrate Gmail Contacts to Office 365?

To export Gmail contacts to Office 365, you will need to go through two phases. We have outlined both the phases and their accompanying procedures, so read them carefully if you want to properly import Gmail contacts to Outlook 365.

Phase 1: Export Contacts to Gmail Account

  1. First and foremost, log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Now, click the Gear button and navigate to Contacts.
  3. After that, it previews all of your Gmail contacts. Then, select Export from the left panel.
  4. To proceed, select vCard saving and click Export.

Your Gmail contacts have been successfully exported into VCF format at the specified location. Now, follow the 2nd phase below to export them into your Office 365 account.

Phase 2: Export Gmail Exported vCard Contacts to Office 365

The vCard Converter Tool is required to complete the second phase of the migration of Gmail contacts to Outlook 365. This vCard File Converter is specifically intended for exporting vCard / VCF files to several platforms, including Office 365. It’s a completely automated solution that can migrate Gmail contacts to Office 365 in just a few simple steps. You can follow the steps below to discover what to do when you run the tool.

download button

  • After launching the Gmail contacts to Office 365 migration application from the link above, select the Open tab and then select the Choose Files or Choose Folder option.click open tab to migrate gmail contacts to office 365
  • Begin by exploring the vCard files you exported from your Gmail account. After that, import all of them into the software to export Gmail contacts to Office 365.browse vcard folders
  • You can review the Gmail vCard files once they have been loaded into the app.view vcard contacts
  • Now, go to the Export tab and pick Office 365 account as the export option.select saving option to migrate gmail contacts to office 365

Following that, enter your vCard credentials and then click the save button. Then, all of your Gmail contacts will be exported to your Office account. And you will be contacted once it is completed.

That’s how you migrate Gmail contacts to Office 365. To make your migration successful, you must adhere to both phases. We have also detailed some of the features of the Gmail contacts migration tool below, so you may read them if you want to understand more about the tool.

Learn More about the Gmail Contacts to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Mass Migration: The application may bulk export Gmail contacts to Office 365. No matter how many vCard files you’ve created from Gmail contacts, you can move them all at once without any problems.
  • Windows Compatibility: The program can be used with Windows-based computers. It is available for download and installation on computers running Windows OS versions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and earlier.
  • Preview Tool: The tool to migrate Gmail contacts to Outlook 365 also allows you to preview Gmail exported VCF files. You can use the software to analyze all of the details in your vCard files, such as name, email address, and contact number. Furthermore, you may also view the Raw vCard files in the software.raw vcard
  • Search Tool: The program to migrate Gmail contacts to Office 365 allows you to search within your Gmail vCard files. You may easily search for certain contacts in a large number of your files. All you have to do is utilize the search bar and add filters based on your requirements.search within vcard files


Your search for a great way to migrate Gmail contacts to Office 365 has come to an end. We have provided you with all of the necessary procedures to complete your relocation. As mentioned above, there are two phases. To effectively begin the Gmail contacts transfer process, you must carefully review them.