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How to Batch Extract Email Addresses from Multiple DOCX Files ?

Admin ~ Modified: 26-Aug-2021 ~ Extract Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Email addresses are one of the properties that are associated with email account and we always use to backup them for any emergency period and for that purpose we sometimes use multiple DOCX files. But what if we need to extract email addresses from multiple DOCX files too?

Such situations are real, but solving them is not so easy. Let’s say you have a lot of DOCX files that contain data, not just email addresses, but lots of others and all that is required from them are just addresses. Now you have two options, copy and paste them one by one in your preferred location.

However, this option might not be perfect for you if your DOCX files are large as it can take hours or days to get the job done. Another option can be the automated option that doesn’t require you to put in a hard or a lot of work to extract Email Addresses from Multiple DOCX Files.

So if you think an automated approach would be perfect for you; you can see it. If you ask us, we would highly recommend it. Hence, you need to have a look at it first and decide on your own.

An Automated Approach to Extract Email Addresses from Multiple DOCX Files

4n6 DOCX Converter, one of the most convenient methods you can ever use to get your job done. This app, as you will see after working through it completely, is specifically geared towards migrating the data from the document files, which makes this app perfect for your type of work.

This automated approach can extract email addresses from multiple DOCX files without asking you to put much effort. Hence, we can safely say that this method is the smart work, not the hard work, for you.

So you know the approach, but now it is time to know how to use this approach to extract email addresses from multiple DOCX files. Hence, we are providing the complete guide for you, follow it carefully, and get your answer.

Step-by-step Process for Extracting Email Addresses from DOC Files

  • Firstly, download DOCX Email Address Extractor to the device you have your DOCX files on. Install it following to the instruction and then, launch it.


  • Once the tool is open click Open tab then click Document Files, to select DOCX Files from various options available
  • Choose DOCX Folders or Files you want to extract email addresses from and load them into the tool
  • You will now see that all the selected DOC files / folders have uploaded in the left pane
  • of the application
  • Now click the Extract tab and then select Email Addresses from the drop-down menu
  • Browse the location to specify the destination path to the files, then click the Convert button at last

You will now see that the process has just started, it will only take a few moments regardless of the size of the data, and once the extraction is complete you will be notified.

Check out the process of how easy it is for you to extract email addresses from multiple DOCX files. You don’t have to open every file, you don’t have to look at every address, just a few taps and you’re done.

Well, this process is just one of the many best things about the tool. We assume that you may also want to know some other properties. So let’s offer you some other benefits of the tool so that you can know it even better.

Checkout Some Advantages Associated with the Tool

  • Extract from Different Fields: This app offers the capabilities to extract the email addresses from any of the fields. You can select To, Cc, Subject, From, Message Body and Message Header. Now you can either choose all fields or any of them according to your needs.
  • Extract Addresses from Attachment: Not only from the various fields; this app also allowed you to extract the email address from the attachments (if you have any). You do not have to worry; this app will not leave behind a single email address in your DOCX during extraction.
  • Bulk Extraction: This app is also useful and perfect when you have a lot of DOCX files containing addresses and you want to extract all of them at once. You can extract email addresses from multiple DOCX files in one operation, regardless of how many there are.
  • Preview Addresses: In addition to the pull-out ability, this app also acts as an email address viewer. It allows you to check all your DOCX before extraction so that you can see that the files even contain your email address or not.

These functions are only intended to give you an overview of the tool. However, we have to hint you that there are several more advanced features that you still need to explore.

In Conclusion

Thanks to the DOCX e-mail address extractor, you can now extract e-mail addresses from multiple DOCX files as easily as possible in the shortest possible time. This app is all about your convenience and easy travel. It’s easy to use, has a lot of great features to make your extraction more perfect. So, all we can say; you have to try the tool for a great experience.