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A Professional Solution to Migrate eM Client to Office 365 Tenant

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em client to office 365 migration

The most common cause because of which enterprises take decision of performing eM Client to Office 365 migration is the Microsoft’s data security standards. The increase in cybercrimes is calling for the demand to use a secure email environment. It is found that organizations feel it safe when their emails, address book data, calendars, etc., are stored in the Exchange Online account. They feel it more safe and secure to work on Office 365 platform rather than using eM Client. This is the general reason due to which today more than a million of companies are using Microsoft Office 365 client.

Now the question arises – How do I export emails from eM Client to Office 365? Does there exist any solution? If yes, is it safe?

Definitely, a company user has several questions in mind when he or she has to switch data from one email platform to another. Therefore, today through this post, we are going to provide a safe and secure solution to upload eM Client emails to Office 365.

User Queries on Import eM Client to Office 365 Mailbox

Good evening everyone, I am Kelly working as a technical assistant in my company. We are using eM Client desktop-based application to organize and manage our email database. But, we have now planned to switch our work on Office 365 with the perspective of giving tough competition in today’s digital market. It seems that eM Client does not enough features in it that are needed to manage emails in a modern pattern. Now I want to know that does there exists any direct approach to upload eM Client to Office 365 tenant? If yes, please let me know the solution.

With the perspective of giving flexibility in work, my firm has decided to provide work from home to the employees. It could not be possible to work in an effective manner, if we continue using eM Client program. Because it is a desktop-based email application and employees might refuse from installing it on their laptops. Therefore, we have decided to opt for Microsoft Exchange Online platform. We feel that this will result us in a positive manner and help us in business growth as well. Here, the main problem is that I couldn’t get any approach to export eM Client to Office 365. Can anyone recommend any approach?

Firstly, it is our prior duty to tell you that there doesn’t exist any manual approach for the same. Experts tried to invent a manual method to export eM Client to O365 but, they failed. Therefore, this called for a standard tool that allows officials to perform eM Client to Office 365 migration without any risk.

Now let’s begin with reading of the foolproof solution to migrate emails from eM Client to Office 365. This solution is tested by several professionals and nowadays it is the trust of global experts.

Direct Method for eM Client to Office 365 Migration

You have to extract EML files from the source eM Client and then, add these eM Client message files in the migration tool. Once you are done with exporting of emails from eM Client, implement the following steps :

download software

  • Its now time to insert eM Client data in the tool by clicking on Open >> eM Client option.run em client to office 365 converter
  • This opens a sub-menu in which two options are provided to add eM Client messages. You can click on anyone option to continue with eM Client to Office 365 migration.select em client configured accounts
An Extra Tip – You have to use ‘Choose Folder’ option, if you have extracted EML files from eM Client. Also, if you wish that tool should automatically fetch mailboxes from eM Client (configured on your PC), use ‘Open eM Client Configured Accounts’ option.
  • The tool begins extracting email folders from the eM Client and loads them on the preview panel. You can analyze and view the messages with attachments before uploading them in Office 365 tenant.preview em client emails
  • Click on Export >> Office 365 to continue with the process of switching from eM Client program to Office 365 platform.select office 365 saving option

Finally, enter the credentials of your Office 365 account in the required fields and hit on Save button.

Here is a good news for you! You can download and install eM Client to Office 365 migration software for free. The trial version of this utility is available with all the features in it that are needed to export emails from eM Client to Office 365. However, the only limit in this edition is that you can move 10 messages with or without attachments from eM Client to O365. It is possible to remove this limitation by opting for the software’s full version.

Benefits of Using this Solution to Import eM Client to Office 365

Instead of giving a long paragraph,

we are highlighting smart features that make this solution different from other tools. Please have a look on the following features :

  • Does not require installation of any supportive email program like eM Client.
  • Embedded with a ‘Compact View’ to simply hide the sub-folders during preview.
  • Provide ‘Advance Search’ option to view the eM Client folders deep inside them.
  • Customers have FREEDOM to add any number of eM Client messages for exporting.

The Verdict

The eM Client to Office 365 migration is easy and simple to perform. We ensure you that there will be no hassle while using this approach to export emails from eM Client to Office 365 tenant. Now one can confidently say that “Yes, there exists a foolproof method to upload eM Client data to Exchange Online account.” We hope that you like our post and if yes, please share your valuable feedback with us after using the solution.