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How to Download Email Addresses from DOC files?

Admin ~ Published: 26-Aug-2021 ~ Tips ~ 5 Minutes Reading

“Hello, I have so many DOC files that contain a lot of data, but the data I need from them is just the email address. So is there a way to Download email addresses from multiple DOC files from tons of other data. Please help me find a reliable one. Many Thanks”

–  Jenny, Mexico

Did you encounter the same problem as the query and also want to extract email address from DOC files? If so, now is the time to fix this as the purpose of this platform is to help you Download your data as easily as possible.

Well, it’s common that the DOC file contain tons of other data besides just the email address. So it would be a very tricky task to Download only specific data from many. But we’ll do our best to make it easy for you.

Therefore, to make it easy, you need a reliable method. Let us introduce you to the reliable way to Extract email addresses from multiple DOC files ASAP. So please keep an eye on it.

An Appropriate Method to Download Email Addresses from Multiple DOC Files

4n6 File Converter, one of the best solutions for your kind of task. This app can easily Download email addresses from multiple DOC files and yes from any version. Yes, whatever version of DOC you have, this app supports them all.

On the other hand, it is completely reliable and no matter what data is in your DOC file, it will only Download the addresses from it (if you want to).

One of the great advantages of this software is that it supports Downloading addresses no matter what fields they are in. Yes, there can be different fields in which the address can be saved. So you have to look to see which field this tool supports.

Check the Fields from Which You Can Download Addresses

  • To, Cc, From, Subject, Message header and also message body. You can choose one of the preferred fields according to your requirement.
  • Download from Attachments: Well, if you have that many attachments associated with your files, you can Download email addresses from them too. This app doesn’t leave any of your email addresses.

So now you can be sure that none of your addresses will be left in the doc files as this app will Download them from every corner.

Now let’s explain how to select these fields in the tool. For that purpose, we provide you with the complete guide on how to Download email addresses from multiple DOC files using the tool. Hence, go through it quickly.

Complete Guide on Downloading Email Addresses from DOC

  • First of all, download the DOC Email Address Extractor to your windows device and then install it accepting to some general condition. When setup is complete, launch it.
  • Now click the Open tab to select Document Files, and then click Doc Files from various options available
  • Browse through all the DOC files from which you want to  Download addresses and load them into the tool
  • You will then see that all the selected DOC files have been uploaded in the left pane of the software
  • Now click the Download tab and then select Email Addresses from the drop down list
  • Now click on the Browse button to select the location for the resulting files and then finally hit the Download button

Your email addresses from the selected DOC files will now be downloaded in a matter of moments.

Now let’s move on to another aspect of the tool that you need to know. We now bring you some of the key features so that you can understand why this tool is necessary to Download email addresses from multiple DOC files and why you need to select it for this purpose.

Checkout Some Primary Features of DOC Email Addresses Downloader

  • It’s Easy to Use: The most influential quality of the tool is the interface. New to the tool? Do not worry; you won’t feel like it’s your first time. It has a very smart and convenient user interface that makes it easy for you to Download email addresses from multiple DOC files
  • Mass Extraction: You shouldn’t be afraid if you have so many DOC files, you shouldn’t be afraid of the process. You know why? Because you only have to go through the process once, as in a single operation you can bulk save email address from multiple DOC files.
  • Data Preview: This app not only Downloads email addresses from Doc file, but also allows you to preview your data. You should first verify that the doc file you have uploaded to the tool is worth Downloading or not.
  • Choose Destination: We recommend browsing the location so you can choose the location or folder of your choice to save the resulting files. In this way, you can protect your data from being mixed up with other data and also find it easily after the Extraction.

These functions make your job even more perfect. However, as mentioned earlier, these are just the main features, which mean you are going to get a lot more, so good luck with that.

In Conclusion

One of the simplest and shortest, but also the most intelligent, ways to save email addresses from multiple DOC files is to use the automated approach. The DOC email address extraction proves to be the most convenient way to achieve your goal. It is very reliable and also very efficient. So, if you want to have a reliable trip and all the benefits that come with the tool, then you have to give it a try