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How to Export Outlook OST Emails to PDF Legal Document with Attachments ?

Admin ~ Published: 15-Jun-2020 ~ Convert Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading


Summary – The blog renders the reliable technique to convert OST to PDF files in bulk. It will be useful for investigators who wish to print emails from OST file to PDF without losing data integrity. Later on, we have provided assistance over the opening of attachments from resultant PDF files.

I have gathered some evidences from OST file to solve a case. Since these evidences are in digital form therefore, I have to print them in portable file format. Basically, my question is ‘How to convert OST file to PDF format’ ? Help me by suggesting a professional measure to accomplish the task. I cannot afford a single manipulation in digital evidences because I have to present them in court. So, please provide a solution that does not hamper data integrity.

There are several forensics people who search for an effective and efficient approach to convert OST to PDF. They wish to have a solution that is independent i.e., does not require Microsoft Outlook installation for the conversion. It is so because it is not possible that every time native email client is available on any PC. Therefore, investigators afford to have a standalone OST to PDF Converter, whose setup file is easily portable.

How to Convert OST File to PDF ? Overview

  1. Launch Microsoft OST to PDF file converter on your system.
  2. Click on Open File and select ‘Choose From a Folder’ option.
  3. Browse the source OST file that you want to print in PDF.
  4. Preview each data item and then, click on Export >> PDF.
  5. Select mailboxes of OST to be processed & click on Save.

Print OST Emails to PDF in Bulk – Standard Way

  • Download and install the setup file of OST to PDF Converter. This procedure consumes 20-30 seconds for completion.

download software

  • Launch the program and click on Open File. This opens a menu where you have to select ‘Choose From A Folder’.

how to convert ost file to pdf format

A Tip for Investigators – The technique on how to convert OST file to PDF supports .ost of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and below versions.
  • This opens a window where you have to locate towards the path where source / suspected OST file is stored. Click on it and then, hit on Open button.

ost to pdf converter

  • The OST to PDF converter begins extracting content from the selected OST and loads all folders on the preview panel.
  • You can have a look on each item present in OST file. The application is useful for forensics experts to gather evidences from orphaned .ost file. It is so because the tool fetches hex properties, message header details, and original content of each email. Apart from this, multiple other features are rendered to look deep into the file.

preview ost data

  • Now its time to click on Export button for opening a list having several file format options. Select PDF from the displayed list.

choose pdf

  • Check the checkbox of those mailboxes whose content you wish to print in portable document format.
  • Continue with the procedure of converting OST file to PDF by clicking on Browse button. Here, you have to define the location to save resultant files.
  • Finally, end up the process by clicking on Save button.

save data to convert ost to pdf

Additional Tip – The OST to PDF Converter offers a beneficial feature for investigators i.e., selective email conversion. Investigators have to right-click on the desired email and select Export to >> PDF.

We have provided the simplest and independent approach to convert OST to PDF. Forensics users can access this approach in the absence of Microsoft Outlook or Exchange Server. There will no loss in the existing content of OST emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Even the data integrity after conversion will be kept intact. Also, OST emails along with attachments will be processed by Microsoft OST to PDF Converter.

How to Open Attachments in Resultant PDF Files ?

Hello All, I used this OST to PDF file Converter utility to convert OST to PDF files with attachments. The software worked brilliantly without creating any hanging situation. I have decided that whenever any business colleague will ask me that how to convert OST file to PDF, I will surely recommend this solution. Well, I actually need a small help from you. Can you guys please tell me that how do I open attachments of resultant PDF files? There were many OST emails that had attachments in them and I want to see them in output PDFs. So how do I do this?

Several clients raise the question – ‘how to open attachments in PDF’. Therefore, we are listing down the steps with screenshot to help them :

  • Open anyone of the portable document, which was created by OST to PDF Converter.

export outlook ost to pdf

  • Click on arrow, which is located at left-hand side of your screen. You can see the screenshot carefully to detect the location of arrow.

detect location

  • This opens a side window where you have to click on Attachment icon.

attachment icon

  • Now you can see all the attachments present in PDF, which was created after the completion of the procedure to convert OST to PDF.
  • At last, double-click on the attachment to open it with its supportive app, present on your system. Like – JPG file gets opened with ‘Photos’ program that is available on Windows 10.



We have provided a workable solution on how to convert OST file to PDF. The solution does not comprises of any bugs in it and has been tested by Outlook experts. Also investigators can use OST to PDF Converter without Exchange Server or Microsoft Outlook. The program supports conversion of OST emails with attachments too. Furthermore, there will be no changes made in the original properties of attachments. So, don’t worry, you can use the approach without any stress!