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How to Convert OFT to ICS in Bulk While Preserving Data Integrity?

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Are you seeking for a way to move the OFT files data to the ICS format? You haven’t been able to locate a solution? Don’t worry; you’ll get it soon enough. If you take a few moments to read through the entire page, we will be able to supply you with all of the information you need to convert OFT to ICS. So, if you’re ready, let’s get this party started.

OFT to ICS converter, this is the only way to get your job done. Well, such a data migration cannot be done manually as there is no direct method for it yet. Therefore, to help users like you who want to convert OFT to ICS, we have developed an OFT-specific application.

So we encourage you to know everything about this OFT to ICS converter and find out how this app can do your migration. Why you need to use it and what benefits you can get from it. So let’s take a look and end your research trip here.

OFT to ICS Converter: An All-in-one Data Migrator

OFT File Converter is the application designed to convert OFT to ICS format along with complete information. It is an efficient app that focuses in particular on migrating large amounts of data. So you can think of this app as a time saver because even with the hundred or more OFT files, it only takes you a few moments to convert them.download buttonIt is completely reliable and tested 100 times to check whether or not this app keeps the properties of all your files during the task. And all the results are positive. This app is best for keeping the integrity of all of your data so that nothing is mitigated between tasks.

To complete this task, you must first know the complete procedure. In order to familiarize you with this, we are therefore offering you the complete guide. We recommend that you go through it and figure out what to do and what to take at each step to convert OFT files to ICS.

Step-by-step Process to Convert OFT to ICS in Bulk

  • Download the OFT to ICS Converter to your Windows compatible Machine. Install it, accepting a general terms and conditions. Finally; launch the software to convert OFT files to ICS format.run ost to ics converter
  • Click Open tab, and then click either Choose Folders or Choose Files.choose files or folder option
  • Browse through the OFT files that you want to convert and get them into the app.browse oft files
  • Selected OFT folder has now been loaded into the left pane of the OFT file to ICS converter. Preview your OFT files before converting them to ICS.preview oft files
  • Now click on Export tab and then click to select ICS from the drop-down list.select ics saving option
  • Browse the destination for your resulting data. Enable generate single ICS files and other visible options.browse destination
  • Finally, hit on the Save button to convert OFT to ICS.click save to convert oft to ics
  • The conversion from OFT to ICS will now begin and once it is finished, you will be informed. You will also receive a tab Open folder to access the location of the resulting data directly from the application.click open folder tab

So, we have offered you the every single step of the process. Now you will have no hassle accomplish the task.

Now, in order to get more information about the tool, you need to take a look at its functions. The features serve you two purposes; you can know why this app is perfect for you and the benefits you get from it. So let’s take a deep look into the tool.

OFT Files to ICS Converter: Features and Associated Advantages

  • It comes with the UI that is the easiest and most convenient you will ever come across.
  • Has double option for you to upload data. Upload a single OFT file or entire folders.
  • It is best if you want to convert OFT to ICS format as there is no limit on file selection.
  • OFT to ICS Converter can convert all emails and their associated attachments to ICS.
  • You can easily view all emails and other OFT associated information in the tool itself.
  • You can also check Hex and Raw views as well as the message headers of all of your OFT.
  • If you want to find the specific property in your OFT, it is possible with the search function.
  • You can choose the location of your choice to save the resulting data with this tool.
  • It can create a single ICS files for all your OFT files and can also generate seperate one.
  • It’s completely self-sufficient and is compatible with the devices that run on Windows.

So these functions discussed will help you to get to know this tool better. However, if you want to know more about it and its benefits, please run the tool because knowing them in person will allow you to get to know them better.

In Conclusion

It is now possible to convert OFT to ICS in large quantities, even with every single property associated with it. This is due to the OFT to ICS Converter tool. It is only intended for this purpose and it succeeds in serving it. It is an all-in-one and offers users every convenience even with such a data migration. You can download its free version to restricted migration and can then upgrade to its license version to for unlimited and OFT to Office 365 migration. So quickly download the too fr free.