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Convert kerio to PST While Generating Single & Separate File for Each kerio Folder

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Are you seeking for a way to convert Kerio to PST but can’t seem to find one that meets your requirements? Don’t worry, now is the moment to acquire what you want for your conversion because this blog page contains one of the top Kerio data conversion solutions.

Hello, I’m currently utilising the Kerio connect account for email purposes, but I’d like to move to an Outlook account due to a specific issue. As a result, I need to convert Kerio to PST in order to view my data using Outlook. Therefore, could you please advise me on how to accomplish this task?

Well, it is worth noting that if you wish to access Kerio Connect data via an Outlook account, you must first convert it to PST format before importing it Outlook and using it for email communication.

As a result, to assist you in switching accounts, we offer the most dependable method for converting Kerio to PST file format. As such, we kindly urge that you read it and rectify your issue.

Keio to PST Converter: An Ultimate kerio Data Migrator

The Kerio Mailbox Export tool; this is the solution that will make such data moving a breeze for you. It is a Kerio connect-specific utility; that is, it is solely focused on converting Kerio account data.

It is extremely efficient and allows you to bulk convert Kerio to PST; this means that even if you have a big number of files, you will only need a few moments to complete your data conversion.

So, let us familiarise you with data conversion in bulk utilising the app. As a result, we’ve put up a step-by-step guide to help you convert kerio to PST. So, we recommend that you read it thoroughly and complete each step.

Take a Look at the Detailed Guide to Convert Kerio to PST

  • Download Kerio Connect to PST Converter and then install it.


  • Launch Kerio to PST Converter to convert Kerio Connect emails to PST format.launch kerio to pst converter
  • Now click on the Open tab and then either Kerio configured accounts or manually choose folders.click choose folders option
  • Now you need to Browse the Kerio data and then upload it to the tool.browse kerio folders
  • Your selected Kerio mailboxes will now be uploaded to the left pane of the tool. Now, at this step, you can preview your kerio emails and attachments if required.preview emails
  • After checking the files, click Export tab and then select PST from the saving options.select pst saving option
  • Browse destination and select the most appropriate one for your resultant files.browse destination path
  • Now enable the PST export option in order to get desired output. Finally, click the Save button.click save to export kerio to pst

We hope that you are now entirely familiar with the procedure to convert Kerio to PST and will encounter no difficulties while completing the task.

Now it’s time to examine the tool’s opposite side in order to gain a better understanding of it. Since a result, we’ll go over some of the tool’s features, as they’ll assist you understand what makes data conversion faster and easier.

Kerio Connect to PST Converter: Explore It’s Function

  • The tool’s UI is developed in such a way that it is accessible to non-technical users.
  • You can select a Kerio-configured account to upload all associated data simultaneously.
  • If the device is not configured with an account, you can manually choose Kerio data from it.
  • You can convert Kerio to PST in bulk as there are no restrictions on the files you can select.
  • Additionally, this tool converts Kerio attachments, contacts, calendars, and other properties.
  • You can either produce a single PST file for each Kerio folder or separate ones.
  • You can include email headers to inspect the entire email flow following conversion.
  • This programme enables you to browse for and select a destination for the generated files.

Note: We must emphasise that the functions covered here are simply a sampling of the many available; since we included them to help you better grasp the tool. Therefore, if you want to discover everything else, make sure to personally check out the tool.

In Conclusion

The Kerio connect to PST converter is one of the most effective methods to convert Kerio to PST. It’s a full bundle, as it includes a plethora of features. It is capable of large data conversion while maintaining the integrity of all your data. Additionally, it is really effective and requires only a few steps to complete your assignment. Therefore, if you’re looking for an easy way to convert kerio data, give the tool a try.